1989   Creation of ORPEA
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ORPEA Group is founded by current Chairman Dr Jean-Claude Marian.
  Development focused on
nursing homes
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The Group expands through the creation of 46 facilities, representing 4,600 nursing home beds.
  Consolidation and structuring of
the organisationpix bleu
Following a period of brisk expansion, ORPEA reorganises itself in order to optimise its management costs. An administrative head office is created in the Paris region to organise and control the ORPEA Group's accounting, financial and employee-related matters.
  Development of a medium-term
care offering

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ORPEA focuses on the creation and acquisition of postacute and rehabilitation care and psychiatric care clinics.
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On 16 April 2002, ORPEA is successfully listed on the Second Marché of Euronext Paris.
  Expansion into Europepix bleu
ORPEA opens its first two facilities in Italy.
  Further international expansion
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Acquisition of facilities in Switzerland (psychiatric clinic in Nyon, by Lake Geneva), Belgium (geriatric complex in the centre of Brussels) and Spain (Grupo Care, one of the market leaders in dependency care in Spain with 15 facilities representing 1,504 beds).
  Entering the DSSpix bleu
ORPEA is eligible for the Deferred Settlement Service (DSS), improving the stock's liquidity.
  Structuring the European networkpix bleu
ORPEA structures its presence in Europe by creating functional head offices in Belgium and Italy, and rolling out its quality policy at all of its facilities in Europe.
2010   Major acquisitionpix bleu
ORPEA carries out the largest acquisition in its history, with the strategic acquisition of Mediter - which notably owns a majority stake in the Mieux Vivre Group - and the acquisition of a 49% stake in Medibelge, representing a total of 4,866 beds at 57 facilities.
2011   Strengthening of equitypix bleu
ORPEA successfully realizes a share capital increase in cash with shareholders’ preferential subscription rights of €203 million.

Accelerating international development pix bleu

ORPEA acquires Artevida in Spain (1,162 beds in Madrid) and consolidates 100% od Medibelge in Belgium (1,915 beds).
  Entry of a new strategic shareholder
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ORPEA welcomes its new strategic long-term shareholder, the Canadian pension fund CPPIB.
  Acceleration of development outside France
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Acceleration of development outside France with the acquisitions of Senevita in Switzerland (2,293 beds) and Silver Care in Germany (5,963 beds).

New expansion phase outside France

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New acquisitions outside France (12,331 beds): SeneCura in Austria (3,936 beds), Celenus Kliniken in Germany (2,602 beds), Residenz Gruppe Bremen (3,006 beds) and Vitalis in Germany (2,487 beds).
  Further international expansion___________ Acquisition of Medi-System (704 beds) in Poland and Sanyres (3,300 beds) in Spain
2017   ORPEA becomes a world player___________ New expansion into Brazil (2,000 beds under construction) and Portugal (1,000 beds under construction)